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We manufacture best quality Lithium Battery



Dinali Energy is based in New Delhi, India. We manufacture lithium-ion battery packs for energy storage applications for street lights, solar inverters, UPS, etc, and for electric vehicles like Electric scooter, Electric motorbike, E-auto, E-rickshaw, light commercial vehicles, etc.
We at Dinali Energy take pride in meeting our customer demands by rigorously testing all our products and building relationships that endure.

Our major vision is to contribute to economic growth through energy development and provide efficient battery management solutions by all green means and not affect the planet. We provide the best and reliable quality lithium-ion energy storage products.


“Without a vision, even the most focused person is a battery without a device”. At Dinali Energy, we cater to different industries and serve them with high-quality products like Solar Batteries, Solar Street Light Batteries, Electric Bike Batteries, E-Rickshaw Batteries, etc. with an aim to optimize green energy solutions that are reliable, safe and environment friendly.

We manufacture best quality Lithium Battery

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