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Solar Charging Station

Products: LFP

LFP (Lithium FerroPhosphate)

LFP Batteries are a good replacement to Lead-acid batteries. Because of the nominal 3.2 V output, four cells can be placed in series for a nominal voltage of 12.8 V. This comes close to the nominal voltage of six-cell lead-acid batteries. Along with the good safety characteristics of LFP batteries, this makes LFP a good potential replacement for lead-acid batteries in applications such as automotive and solar applications, LFP batteries for solar applications have a long life typically guaranteed for 5 years.   We are using properly balance LFP cells with proper capacity tested before the pack is assembled. We provide a high quality protection system (BMS) to ensure that the cells are neither discharged below the minimum voltage nor charged above the maximum voltage. This protects the battery from any damage or explosion due to overcharging or high temperatures.

Products: NCM

NCM (Nickle Manganese Cobalt Oxide)

Li-ion batteries provide lightweight, high energy density power sources for a variety of devices. Lithium-ion cells come in 3 different sizes namely 18650, 26650, and 32650. These are cylindrical cells with varying diameter and a fixed height of 65 mm. The capacity of the cells varies according to the size. The life cycle of the cells also varies according to the size. Lithium-Ion cells have a wide-ranging life cycle starting from 500 cycles going up to 1500 cycles. Lithium-Ion cells have wide applications typically in E-bicycle, E-Tricycle, E-Scooter, E- Wheel Chairs, medical instruments, solar supply systems, electric tools, power tools, LED lighting devices, electronic toys, household appliances, inverters, etc.

Products: LTO

LTO (Lithium Titanium Oxide)

LTO is a highly safe rechargeable battery with six outstanding characteristics. LTO cells are having a nominal cell voltage of 2.40V, it releases a high current discharge current that is 10 times the capacity of the other types of lithium batteries.

  • LTO is designed to prevent thermal runaway resulting from short-circuiting caused by physical stress.

  • LTO has  a long life exceeding 20,000 charges/discharge cycles,

  • Rapid charging time of 6 minutes,

  • Input/output current densities comparable with capacitors,

  • Operation at temperatures as low as -30°C.

  • LTO has a wide array of applications ranging from electric vehicles to grid energy storage.

Solar Charging Station

Renewable energy-based charging station which can be set up for charging the Lithium batteries. Solar panels are used to charge the batteries using charge controllers.

The solar panel array will feed the battery energy storage system and the entire power needs are drawn from this storage system.


Off-grid electrical car chargers can be placed virtually anywhere, as there’s no need for a connection to the electrical grid.

As an alternative to charging a single battery energy storage, it is possible to charge several batteries simultaneously and swapping these batteries with the discharged batteries. As the solar system can be configured in many different ways, we have worked upon this solution where the component needs are minimum and the charging can be performed more efficiently in the most economical ways.

Products: Solar Charging Station

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